Plush Tents Sustainability Policy

At Plush Tents we believe in protecting and enhancing the environment both locally at our beautiful site in rural Sussex as well as globally, by minimising the environmental impact our business has. As parents and nature lovers we believe that we have the power to influence the next generation. The lessons that they learn now will help them to grow into responsible, caring adults who love their planet and want to do their bit to keep it beautiful. Many of our guests are children so we try to set a good example to them and hope to allow them to see how simple living can be both fun and rewarding.

We take a balanced approach to sustainability.  From the impact of our sites activities on our immediate surroundings and the environment at large through to the wellbeing of people and the local economy. Our aim is to minimise any negative impact as well as to bring positive, dynamic change through our actions.

To help us to constantly grow and improve our performance in this area, we have detailed our sustainable priorities which are reviewed and adapted regularly.


Our site is completely off grid so all site lights are powered by solar panels and rechargeable batteries. We use LED lights which use a tiny amount of energy compared to conventional light bulbs and last 50 times longer. This helps to minimising waste of non recyclables and protects the wildlife on site from the hazards of broken glass.

The hot tub is heated by a wood fired boiler with a generator backup and it is covered when not in use to reduce heat loss. The logs for the boiler as well as all log burners in the tents and yurts are sourced locally through sustainable woodland management.


Buying large amounts of treated mineral water in plastic bottles is common practice at most hotels and campsites. Where possible we encourage our guests to use the water butts provided by us to fill up with clean, fresh water from the taps around the site and help us reduce the transport, resources and waste involved with buying bottled water . We also provide all guests with a personalised Kilner drinking tankard for the to refill throughout their stay.


We recognise that waste is one of our largest environmental impacts and we are always thinking of ways to reduce, reuse and recycle whilst maintaining high standards of quality. We have mixed recycling containers around the site for plastic bottles, paper, card and cans, as well as separate glass recycling. Some of our corporate events incorporate reworking some of the materials into structures as part of  team building activities. We plan to hold workshops in the summer holidays so that the children can have a go at creating an art installation for our site.

Many of the items on site are reused or have been upcycled and we try to source as much as we can second hand before buying anything new. There is a reuse cupboard in the mess tent so that guests can leave items that are still useful such as sauces, herbs and condiments for others to make use of.

Our high quality linen is professionally cleaned near by making use of the services available in our local area as well as reducing the impact of long distance transport.

Food & Drink

By choosing local suppliers we support our community and ensure that any food miles are kept to a minimum. Our hampers are supplied by Chichester restaurant Field & Fork and contain the best quality local produce. For our breakfasts and BBQ’s we choose meat reared to high welfare standards. We provide real crockery and cutlery so that our guests don’t have to bring their own and ask any caterers to use biodegradable disposables where possible.


Playing our part in the local community is important to us. We have supported various local charities by providing a venue for youth groups and community causes at no charge to them.

Janitorial Products

We use eco-friendly cleaning and laundry products and encourage guests to do the same on site. 

We absolutely love our toilet paper from Who gives a crap! Who not only make them environmentally friendly, they also donate 50% yes 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need.

We welcome feedback on this policy and ideas for future initiatives. Feel free to get in touch