Outdoor wedding venues

 Outdoor wedding venues are something lots of couples are looking for to fulfil their dream wedding ideas. With visions of photographs showing beautiful sunset kisses, al fresco dining and dancing under the stars its easy to forget that this is England, and that means variable weather conditions. The idea of going to the Maldives or the Bahamas to experience white sand beaches as a backdrop is often out of the question, especially if you want a large group of people to attend. Don’t be put off though. Just because it might rain it doesn’t mean it will, and if it does.. well it will most likely still be the best day of your life. 

Having hosted many beautiful weddings in all seasons, here are our top 5 tips for having the best outdoor wedding.

1. Don't sweat what you can't control

Spending months stressing out about if it will rain or not isn’t going to change the weather on the day. There is plenty of organising that will take up your energy so save it for choosing your food, dress and entertainment. Things you have a level of control over. 

2. Expect the best and prepare for the worst

Do keep planning for the day you have dreamed of. Just also think about what might happen if there is a lot of rain or wind on the day. Is there an inside space that you could use as a back up? Could you juggle the time around? As much as we might think it rains all the time its unusual for there to be constant rain all day. If your ceremony is planned for 2pm perhaps everyone could be served a drink at 2pm and wait until 3.30pm when the rain clears.

3. Be clever with your hair

Bridal hair is often about lush waves which are susceptible to getting tousled, even on a perfectly warm, still day. Rain, fog and wind can play havoc with freshly coifed hair especially if it’s left loose. A glamorous up do is more forgiving and if well pinned will withstand a shower or some wind without too much trouble. Consider accessorising with flowers and add some hair pieces which can help your do stay put despite the elements. For guys, perhaps wear a hat and keep it on, removing the problem of bad hair all day.

4. Choose your outfit wisely

Long trains following you down the isle are a beautiful sight. You may find though that outdoors they attract rather too much debris from the floor, especially mud. A shorter dress or one which can be hitched up is ideal and don’t think you can’t achieve the wow factor without the length. This is your day so be creative! A fun and fabulous umbrella and wellies for the bride and bridesmaids is a fantastic back up. If you are on a budget perhaps decorate some boots you already own with flower garlands or ribbons to match the theme.

5. Take the pictures when the light is best

When the moment is right just go for it. Ask your photographer to take the lead on this so that you can enjoy yourselves with your guests. There might be a window throughout the day when the weather improves so prep your bridal party to be ready to go and get those snaps to treasure. If you know in advance that things are looking gloomy perhaps get inspired on Pinterest for some rainy weather scenarios and have your props prepared.
We have hosted so many magical weddings here at Plush Tents and are inspired each and every time by the innovative ways that couples celebrate their love for each other. We can’t wait to hear your ideas and help you bring them to life!
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