Glamping equipment a top 10 packing list

Glamping equipment. The options are endless. For those of you who are seasoned campers, you may well have a whole cupboard full of gear that you have accumulated over the years. Pots and pans, foldable chairs, clever little 3 in 1 gadgets. It can add up when you need to take absolutely everything with you. But what if you are tired of traipsing across a field for the 3rd trip with a squeaky trolley and a whining toddler hanging around your ankles? What if you just fancy trying something a bit more luxurious whilst still getting to enjoy the benefits of sleeping under canvas for the night. Don’t worry, we understand, and for glamping newbies, those of you who want to dip their toes in the outdoor living craze, we got your back with the cosy duvet and a proper bed. Oh and a hot shower with a fluffy towel.

Phew! But if it’s all set up what shall I bring you ask. Fear not. Here is our definitive list of things to take glamping with an eco twist. We aim to minimise our impact on the environment and hope off-grid living will inspire you too.

1.Warm coat

It could be sensible and waterproof. It might not be. At least 2 of us here at Plush Tents are fans of the fabulous and fluffy versions. The way we see it is that if there is a downpour you can create a glamorous bin bag coverall ( I didn’t work in fashion for 15 years for nothing you know!) but if you are cold you will be miserable and won’t make the most of what outdoor living has to offer. Stay cosy around the campfire, enjoy long walks and keep warm whilst making your morning coffee.

For a sensible, gorgeous and ethical option check out this brand:

2.Sturdy, flat shoes

Keep your feet warm and dry with a decent pair of flat boots. At our site all the paths are wood chip so wellies are unnecessary unless you go for a really muddy walk. Something that will keep your ankles safe whilst walking on uneven terrain as well as being relatively easy to get on and off when you go in and out of your yurt. Walking boots, trainers, stylish leather versions are all perfectly acceptable.

Check out this guide to ethical shoe buying:


Cooking on the campfire or on a BBQ can be a whole lotta fun.  We have all done the sausage on the grill, but what else is there? We would suggest basing your meal ideas around things that you can do in 1 pot, or over the fire. It’s so much easier to make a stew, soup or curry and serve it with crusty bread than have to worry about lots of different steps. A big pot usually means you can invite any new friends to dinner that you might have made over the course of the day. We provide pots,pans,crockery and cooking utensils so just bring the grub.

If you want to be a little bit more experimental check out these ideas:



Love em or hate em. Marshmallows on sticks are a great way to make friends around the campfire in the evening. Bust out your inner warrior and whittle your own stick, or ask us… we have some in the catering wagon.

For those of you who want a bit of nutrition with your sugar rush take a look at this recipe for smore fruit cones. Yummy!

5.Tin foil

There are some delectable dishes that you can cook over a fire using tin foil. Make a little packet, pop in your ingredients, wait for it to cook, everyone’s a winner. Tin foil can be used to wrap up leftovers too and is fully recyclable making it much better for the environment than cling film and plastic bags.

Foil packet cooking ideas:

6. A torch

Off-grid living tends to flow with the hours of daylight rather than the timings we are used to. Once you get used to it it’s really rather lovely. It’s amazing how easy it is to let the day run away with you and suddenly darkness descends and you have no idea where everything has gone. Where did I put the lantern? Our yurts have LED mood lighting which you can adjust yourself but for nighttime reading, cooking and nocturnal adventures we recommend keeping a head torch in your pocket so you can always light your way. Try not to shine it in our eyes though, please!

Go outdoors have lots of cheap and cheerful options.

7. Flip flops

For trips to the communal showers or toilets flip flops or crocs are a good idea. Easy to take on and off they are brilliant for taking a walk down to the wood-fired hot tub too.

Eco friendly flip flop ideas:


When you are having fun outdoors it’s easy to forget that you have been outside a bit longer than usual. Being burnt is miserable so take care and apply sunscreen before you leave your yurt in the morning.

Try a new type of sunscreen which is more environmentally friendly.


Get as creative as you like with drinks. We provide all cups, crockery and glassware so you just need to bring what you want to put inside. Tea & coffee (everything is provided) can be made at your yurt and is available at our catering wagon too. There is an ice chest in the treehouse kitchen for keeping things cool but ice should be purchased each day if you want your own personal stash and kept in your own cool bag.

We provide drinking water so do bring along your own reusable bottle to fill and keep the plastic waste to a minimum.

Check out these creative boozy drink ideas:

 10. A good book

Off grid living wifi! That means no netflix people. Ok, ok so we do have a connection up at the reception and there is limited phone signal around the site. We just like the fact that we are away from the constant updating and need to connect. Embrace what’s around you and make the most just being. If your glamping partner is boring you already (It happens) fire up your log burner, snuggle up in bed and get your nose in a good book. If the stars are out then take the party for 1 out to the hammock.

Hammock tick, warmth tick, cocktail tick, good book tick, full belly tick, head torch (so you can read obvs.) tick. Dang I think I got this glamping thang on point!

Leave the rest up to us! We are all set up and ready to welcome you in our woodland oasis.