Midweek wedding package

Midweek wedding packages are the ideal choice for those of you who are looking for your wedding day to be intimate and special, yet low key and cost effective. The vast majority of couples in the UK gravitate towards weekends in late spring, summer and early autumn with the prices of suppliers reflecting the demand. … Read more

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Team building away days to alleviate workplace stress

Team building away days give colleagues the chance to interact with each other in a more relaxed environment and are a fantastic way to reward everyone after a busy and successful year. But did you know that nature has been proven to alleviate the stresses of modern life? For many years the Japanese have been … Read more

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Event yurts. Give your event the wow factor.

Event yurts for wedding or parties can be the perfect way of bringing a touch of magic to your special occasion. In our changeable climate an outdoor extravaganza can never be guaranteed the desired sunny weather, whilst the best laid decoration plans can be ruined if everyone spends their day huddled under plastic. If you have never … Read more

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Gay wedding top tips

Gay weddings | Top tips for LGBTQ weddings from Plush Tents glamping, a wedding venue in West Sussex.

Outdoor wedding venues london sussex hampshire|plush tents glamping

Outdoor wedding venues

Outdoor wedding venues are something lots of couples are looking for to fulfil their dream wedding ideas. With visions of photographs showing beautiful sunset kisses, al fresco dining and dancing under the stars its easy to forget that this is England, and that means variable weather conditions. The idea of going to the Maldives or … Read more

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Biodegradable confetti

Biodegradable confetti is something that is making a comeback and for good reason. With all of the press about plastic pollution more and more people want to try and minimise their permanent footprint on planet earth. We have all seen images of sea creatures with stomaches full of plastic and polystyrene. The problem with plastic … Read more

Reduce plastic waste - 5 top tips from Plush Tents Glamping zero waste kit

Reduce plastic waste-5 top tips for living a more sustainable life.

1. Drinks Most of us know that bringing our own water bottle will reduce our consumption of plastic considerably. Here at Plush Tents we provide all of our guests with a Kilner Jar to be used throughout your stay and fresh drinking water is available for all. Sometimes though, especially on a hot day a … Read more

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Event Yurts at Boomtown Fair Festival

Event yurts at festivals are one of the things we started our business for. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing creative people given free rein to express themselves and Boomtown fair is renowned to be one of the most exciting and eclectic music festivals in the UK today. This year saw chapter 10 unfold … Read more

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Team away days that give lasting results​

Team away days can be a great way to reward your staff after a busy year but are you making the most of them? They can be a fantastic opportunity to teach your team new skills allowing them to work better together. We have hosted events for some of the biggest brands in the UK. … Read more

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Midweek glamping with the ones you love

Midweek glamping is something that many people wouldn’t consider. We base our lives around work or school in the week and fun at the weekend. Weekends are often busy, with attractions more expensive and crowded.Plus there are only 2 days to fit everything in!  Speaking from experience we know that a glamping break mid week … Read more