Gay Weddings Top Tips

Gay weddings are some of the highlights of our year here at Plush Tents. We have hosted many LGBTQ happy couples and their friends and like nothing better than seeing true love becoming a partnership here in the woods.
Planning a wedding is never without its dramas and can be particularly challenging when dealing with the beliefs and expectations of family members. We believe that this is your very special day, a chance to rise above any negative energy and enjoy the love you have for one another.
Here are a few top tips, from our experience and from the advice of some of our couples to help you with creating your dream wedding.

1. Be yourself

This is your wedding, not your mums, grandma’s or anyone else’s. This is a chance for you to truly be yourself and make a day which is all about you and your partner. Express yourself, be as traditional, or not, as you like and don’t let anyone tell you what to do! It can help to give a task or 2 to your doting mother or mother in law to be so that they feel involved in the process. They may have been dreaming of this day for a long time too so get them involved with a task that you can mutually agree on which will allow you to flow forward with the plans that you want without too much ‘helpful’ input.

2. Only invite people who are happy for you

This is a day of love and celebration. The last thing you need is to be self-conscious and worry about what someone else is thinking or saying. Keep the guest list invites for those who are genuinely there to support you. Whilst a level is conflict over who is invited and who isn’t is inevitable for any couple gay, hetrosexual or other, the most important thing is that the day is fun for you and your partner. There is nothing like a wedding to bring peoples true personalities to the surface when they find out they or their loved ones are not invited. If you feel obliged to invite someones partner or a family member who you know isn’t happy with a same sex marriage, say that they can come to the evening and that the entertainment will be something really out there, that they definitely wont want to see. Hopefully that will keep the haters at bay, without the drama of offending your nearest and dearest.

3. Find LGBTQ friendly venues and vendors

When searching for venues and suppliers we recommend making it clear from the get-go that you are having a same-sex wedding. Finding professionals that you are comfortable with is key and you want to know that they understand your vision and are 100% on board with helping your dream day come to fruition. Plush Tents welcome all guests without judgement and have a range of suppliers who would be happy to help your wedding to be the talking point of the year. 


4. Write your own ceremony

The beauty of choosing a unique venue for your celebration and just getting the official paperwork signed off in a registry office means that you have the scope to do something totally different. Stick with elements of tradition by having one or both of you walking down an aisle, or don’t, create a ceremony circle or have your guests form an arch for you to walk through. Other than getting a piece of paper that officially binds you as civil partners how you celebrate your love is wholeheartedly up to you. Elements of different religions and traditions can be adapted to suit you and brought together in a theatre of fun and joy. Discuss the varying elements of your personality and life together and perhaps meet with a celebrant who can help you to develop and lead your own unique ceremony. Some of your guests might be happy for you but unsure of what to expect at a same sex marriage. Use the opportunity to make them feel comfortable and enjoy the process. An interesting ceremony which gives each attendee a role is a great talking point and a fantastic ice breaker, allowing guests to mingle and feel comfortable with each other during the ceremony and throughout the reception. Happy guests and a happy couple are a fantastic combination for a memorable, fun event.

5. Don’t scrimp on recording the happy memories

Whatever your budget, remember that you have found love at a very special time in history and it deserves to be documented. Show future generations how the pioneers of same sex marriage got it right. Your wedding, and the ability for same sex couples to hold their heads high in their love for each other is huge shift in the consciousness of this country and what you are doing is at the forefront of a movement that will hopefully change the attitudes and lives of people all around the world. Take photos, take videos and look back in many years to come and see how different things are. Remember that the images and film you capture will become your memories so its worth saving some of your budget for a great team.
We love helping to organise weddings and have a multitude of incredible suppliers to recommend. If you are booked in to hold your wedding at Plush Tents then give us a shout to find out how we can help you alleviate some of the organisational stress. 
If you haven’t booked anywhere yet check out our virtual tour and start imagining how our beautiful yurts could be part of your special day.