Event Yurts at Boomtown Fair Festival

Event yurts at festivals are one of the things we started our business for. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing creative people given free rein to express themselves and Boomtown fair is renowned to be one of the most exciting and eclectic music festivals in the UK today. This year saw chapter 10 unfold into its biggest and baddest yet and having been involved in it from the beginning we were astounded by just how inspiring it has become. 


Plush Tents is proud to provide backstage artist green room yurts for the artists and performers behind each of the main stage, as well as a large dressing room for the circus performers. We deck out our yurts in the Plush Tents style that we are so famous for, providing a tranquil, easy going environment for pre performance preparation. As you know from our interactive tour, we like to keep our fingers on the pulse of cutting edge technology and bring a taste of this into our festival offering with our interactive projector screens, available on some of the biggest stages. Chapter 10’s lineup saw the likes of Gorillaz, Ben Harper, Andy C, Limp Bizkit, Foreign Beggars, 2 Bad Mice, Goldie, Morcheba, The skatalites and Jimmy Cliff, many of whom will have enjoyed a chilled moment or 2 on a chesterfield in on of our yurts. 

The festival started in 2009 and has grown year on year, staying true to its underground, anti establishment roots. You won’t find big branding here. This is about being your own unique self, embracing creativity and sticking two fingers up to big business and corporate abuse. Saying that, a large festival is a business with the wellbeing of tens of thousands of people to consider. Health and safety is strictly enforced, with a strong and efficient presence from the local police and security. 


Each year a team of dedicated craftspeople begin building the mini city months in advance, laying power and water, building and painting sets and transporting thousands of tonnes of materials onto the site near Winchester, Hampshire. You are just as likely to see a woman as a man driving a forklift or JCB Loader, with the majority of contractors and volunteers living, eating and creating togeather as one. The mini city starts and ends with the crew, creating an awe inspiring utopia for the 5 days that the festival is open to the public. 



2018 highlights included The Gorillaz virtual show on Saturday night, playing poker with Boomtown money stolen from a bath, Andy C’s jawdropping finale on Sunday night, a hot sauna in Whistlers Green, Renegade street raves weekend takeovers of downtown, chilling in the hidden woods and the double rainbow over The Lions Den on Friday afternoon. 


For artists on long UK wide or world tours, the inside of a bus or portakabin is often the only thing they see before the are cast out onto the stage to perform, then whisked off to a hotel or airport and onto the next venue. Our aim with our event yurts is to make sure that the vibe from outside is felt by the performers too. Each of our yurts was themed to the stages, whilst maintaining what we do best, chill out, in a relaxed environment.