Biodegradable confetti

Biodegradable confetti is something that is making a comeback and for good reason. With all of the press about plastic pollution more and more people want to try and minimise their permanent footprint on planet earth. We have all seen images of sea creatures with stomaches full of plastic and polystyrene. The problem with plastic is that it doesn’t disappear, it just gets smaller and smaller which makes it incredibly difficult to recycle and contain. Of course confetti is already this small, and whilst it makes for a beautiful picture, once its on the floor, the effects are more long lasting. 

At Plush Tents we are very proud to welcome many types of animals into our woodland glade. Birds, owls, squirrels, foxes and our beloved hedgehogs make their homes here and use the wood chip floor to forage for their supper. Small pieces of plastic contaminate their water supply and can be accidentally consumed causing them long term damage. As we host a number of  beautiful weddings each year we have decided to change our policy on confetti, sequins and glitter to fully natural and biodegradable. There are some absolutely wonderful options available which will ensure that you get the experience of confetti and the feel good factor of leaving no trace.

Here are 5 ideas with the wow factor:

1.Fresh rose petals

Natural, sweet smelling and oh so romantic. Fresh rose petals flutter beautifully in the breeze and photograph well making for wonderful memories.

Order with your florist so that they can be delivered along with your bouquet and button holes or get a hat box full delivered by The Real Flower Company.


2. Lavender

Lavender represents beauty and femininity whilst its flowers and oils have been used for centuries as medicine. The flowers dry beautifully and look elegant in small cones. Totally biodegradable, they are calming, relaxing and a wonderful alternative to more traditional flowers. 

Contact Lavender Fields to buy a large bag and distribute amongst your guests for them to throw at just the right time. 

3. Dried wildflower petals

Whatever your theme, no doubt there will be a flower or 2 which will co-ordinate with it. Match your confetti with your chosen colours with wildflower confetti. Many flowers also have healing or medicinal properties so choose some which symbolise good health and a strong future together.

 We love Shropshire Petals pic and mix option as well as their wildflower confetti cannons.


Handfuls of leaves gathered from the woods allow you to recreate autumn, with leaves gently falling around the happy couple. For a unique craft project purchase some cutters in your favourite shapes and make your own mini leaves or flowers. Pretty, effective and even adding something back to the earth as they mulch back down over time. Check out this lovely blog post on how to make your own.
We love this mini maple leaf shape cutter.

5. Bubbles

Here one minute and gone the next, bubbles never fail to get a smile, even from the grumpiest of characters. Using them as an alternative to confetti is a fail safe way to create incredible pictures and leave no trace. 

There is a secret ingredient which makes bubbles last longer. Check out this eco bubble mixture recipe. 

Remember that bubbles work better in certain weather conditions so its a good idea to check that yours will work well on the day and have a back up if need be. 

With these alternatives you can create your perfect end to your ceremony without the long term impact on your surroundings. 

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