Reduce plastic waste - 5 top tips from Plush Tents Glamping zero waste kit

Reduce plastic waste-5 top tips for living a more sustainable life.

1. Drinks Most of us know that bringing our own water bottle will reduce our consumption of plastic considerably. Here at Plush Tents we provide all of our guests with a Kilner Jar to be used throughout your stay and fresh drinking water is available for all. Sometimes though, especially on a hot day a … Read more

Event yurts at boomtown interior decor|plush tents

Event Yurts at Boomtown Fair Festival

Event yurts at festivals are one of the things we started our business for. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing creative people given free rein to express themselves and Boomtown fair is renowned to be one of the most exciting and eclectic music festivals in the UK today. This year saw chapter 10 unfold … Read more